Order & Manufacturing


The Pre-Order Advantage
PRE-ORDERING is having the advantage of confirming your purchase before it has been released and hits the stores. If an item sells out from our pre-order section, it will not be sold in stores, therefore, pre-ordering items is highly recommended to avoid disappointment.
To pre-order an item you will need to add the desired product colour and size to your shopping bag as you would with any other order. You will then need to continue to the check-out and pay for the item. As soon as item is available we send it out. Items that are available for pre-order will be clearly labelled on our website.

Terms and Conditions
1. All pre-orders must be paid in full to secure your order.
2. If your order contains more than one item, we will dispatch your order once the full order is ready.
3. We reserve the right to cancel any pre-order at any point.
4. Not all items that go out of stock will be available to pre-order.
5. All pre-order items cannot be shipped until the advised delivery date. Please know that these deliveries can be delayed or brought forward from time to time, however we ensure to attempt delivery at the original estimated date.
6. Payment is required at the time you place your pre-order. Your Credit Card/PayPal account will be charged once you place your order.
7. Please note that we are unable to guarantee delivery dates for pre-order items due to unforeseen delays by manufacturers. If for some reason, we cannot fulfil your order due to an inventory or a manufacturing error we promise to cancel your order and refund you.
8. Pre-order items are excluded from promotions.
9. For any queries / concerns / requests please e-mail akuboutique.bali@gmail.com or call us at xxxx

1. All styles coming in size ratio packs and colour packs will be sold as shown on our website. Shall you need any style in specific sizes or colour please read our paragraph 2.
2. The order will be ready in 5-10 working days once we receive the order.
3. Advance payment is necessary to process your order.
4. We cannot refund your order once it has been processed.

We Cannot
1. Exchange your items or refund items once manufactured
2. We could not break packs as specified on website.
3. Change buttons or zip on any item

1. We need a sample before quoting price or delivery turnaround time.
2. For wholesale , in case of a style in ratio packs; minimum order quantity is 10 units each size and minimum 100 units per style; which could be in different colours.
3. If style comes in One Size (UK 8-12) then minimum order quantity is 20 of each colour and minimum 100 units per style.

Plus Sizes
1. If we have a particular style on our website and a plus size is to be done in same style then we will charge extra for same and price will not be same as regular size.
2. We need advance payment in all cases.
3. In case of delays in transit we will not refund / return items
4. For plus sizes price is not same as regular sizes.
5. In case of any further questions kindly contact Bagus by sending email at akuboutique.bali@gmail.com