About The Designer


Agus Suryanto was born in Purwokerto, in Central Java. He grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital, one of seven children. As a child he was fascinated by design, asking to accompany his sister on her weekly visits to the textile markets, where they explored color, fabric and texture together.

Starting dressmaking and design at the age of 15, he helped his sister with her custom made clothing business. Upon finishing high school, he attended the oldest dress-making school in Jakarta, where specialized in pattern and dress making. After completing his course of study, he and his sister designed their first ready to wear collection for men and women.

Five years ago, Bagus, as he is known by friends and family, opened his boutique in Penestanan, in Ubud, Bali, where he launched a line of one-of-a-kind and limited edition clothing, as well as a broad range of accessories, scarves and shawls, assorted jewelry, handbags and belts. His garments are informed by traditional design, from across the Indonesian archipelago of 17000 islands, many of which have their own unique cultures, costumes and designs. The result is a unique interpretation, modern and casual, with hints of ancient ritual and tradition woven into the final product. Recently, he has begun to include influences, from other South East Asian countries. The result is a stunning array of color and design. Bagus’s bywords are quality of fabric, of stitch, of design.