My passion is continuously creating new and unique product.  I think the best way of visualizing my business is to look at it as a laboratory where I solve design challenges.  I want to create the most beautiful product I am capable of imagining, emphasizing quality and uniqueness.   By definition this means creating one of a kind and limited editions, of whatever I am inspired to create.  I know I will always make scarves and shawls, clutches and jewelry, given that they are wonderful vehicles, for my explorations of color, fabric, construction and materials. In addition to this unique one of a kind and limited edition business, I am also designing and producing my own fabrics, with which I produce sarongs, shirts, pants, skirts, dresses and items like table clothes, placemats and coasters.  Currently, my capacity to make quantities of more than 50 pieces on short notice,is limited. When you buy my products, you are buying into the sort of exploration I am on.  Hence, the products you see on this site will change. If you find that you like to wear and use unique creations, please visit my site often.  If you find a creation you adore, order quickly, as it is inevitable given the mission I am on, that we may quickly have sold out of the creation you want. I hope you will understand that in order to provide unique pieces, I must keep evolving and changing my offering.

Bagus Suryanto